What We Do

Wealth Management


We believe that true wealth management is only possible with the integration of financial planning and portfolio and asset management services.  This integration seeks to avoid the inconsistent results when these efforts are pursued separately, leaving unresolved problems, unmitigated risks and other inefficiencies.


As a client, you will benefit from a collaborative relationship that seeks to help you define and clarify your goals, address your current challenges, and predict and prepare for future needs and life events.  Each client has a unique set of circumstances, goals and objectives that must be at first understood, so that we can help them position and best utilize their resources.  This collaboration continues throughout the engagement process, and leads to the long term experienced that our relationships with clients are based upon.

Financial Planning


Financial planning is a process that involves taking an active role in your financial future.  Our firm believes that proper financial planning is integral to the management of your financial resources.  In today's uncertain economy, creating a financial plan helps you see the big picture and set long and short-term life goals, a crucial step in mapping out your financial future. We believe in the real benefits of the financial planning process, along with regular reviews and updates of the outputs of such planning.


Future Forward Financial delivers financial planning in a comprehensive way.  We embrace an open and flexible approach because it is important to understand any aspect of a client's life that may impact their financial resources.  A partial list of topics includes:

  • Qualitative analyses of your story, values, experiences and life goals
  • Current financial strategy and cash management
  • Investment management
  • Tax and Estate planning
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Social Security Planning
  • College and Educational Planning
  • Charitable Giving

Investment Management


The wealth management services provided by our financial professionals, typically rely on the results of the initial or ongoing financial planning process.  When the client's goals and strategies are laid out and agreed to, the investment management process must be developed and implemented.  Some of the concepts that guide our investment management include:

  • Promote focus on capital preservation and steady growth of assets;
  • Match investment time horizon with goals;
  • Reduce risk and enhance return through broad diversification;
  • Recommend asset allocation based on client's risk profile, goals and circumstances;
  • Provide appropriate income, as needed;
  • Incorporate the tax implications of all investments; 
  • Mitigate investment expenses whenever possible;
  • Develop a long-term investment strategy;
  • Monitor and analyze investment results;
  • Remain flexible and open-minded when considering strategies and objectives; and
  • Always incorporate the results of the financial planning process.

Investment portfolios can be managed on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis. 

Investment portfolio analyses can include either individual methods or combinations of fundamental, technical, charting or cyclical analyses.